Friday, June 19, 2009

New Bible

Last night my mom gave me an early Father's Day gift. I had mentioned awhile back how I wish I could find a bible with a wide margin for taking notes. I write notes all over all of my books. It's a habit I started in college and have found very useful. Teachers, I know it's a sin to many but for me its a highly effective way of helping me understand and process what I am reading, whether its scripture, classwork material, or just observations in a novel I am reading for fun.

Mom found an ESV (English Standard Version) Bible for Life wide margin reference edition bible published by Crossways Bibles, a ministry of Good News publishers, from Wheaton, Illinois (978-1-58134-823-1) at our one of our local Christian book stores. Very cool. I have a Teacher's Edition Holman Christian Standard Bible that I carry with me just about everywhere I go. The new one is bigger and heavier, so it will be my daily reader, and Sunday tote to service.

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  1. I'm totally with you on writing notes in books, Mr. Bibo, even (or especially) the Bible! My Bible, for example, is littered with scribblings between the lines and in the margins. These little notes to myself are sometimes questions, sometimes comments, but they are always signs that God is at work in my life.