Sunday, June 7, 2009

Writing the Offer

This would be an AMAZING work of God if it happens. This house is currently owned by a good friend of mine and it is for (short) sale. We were planning on placing an offer on it next month when our house goes into "active" escrow. But we are going to write one up today because someone else has placed an offer on it and he needs to take an offer to the bank Monday for approval.

This house is next door to another very good friend, and our best family friends in town. It has 5 bedrooms, a pool, and is located in a very desirable area that I normally could never afford to live in. I have secretly thought about buying this house for many, many years, even before we moved back up to the mountains. The owners raised their family is this house, but only have one child left at home. It's a great family home and would be a fantastic blessing to my life and my family. Please pray for our success.

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  1. I hope it goes well! I have seen some amazing stuff lately.