Wednesday, June 3, 2009

God's Glory

God created all things, including us, and then gave us dominion over them. Adam and Eve had the Garden of Eden all to themselves to enjoy while God went for a pleasant stroll. Kinda like when I take my kids to the park and tell them to go crazy. I enjoy watching them on the slides, the swings, and playing in the sand. I even get to play along. It's all good. But just as I give my children boundaries to play on any playground equipment except the stuff that is too dangerous and might hurt them if they fall, Adam and Eve were given instructions to not eat from the two forbidden trees, one of which of course they did, and fell. Sometimes my children trip at the park, skin their knees, and cry in pain. Of course I come over to comfort them, but I can't take the pain away, and I wouldn't want to. The pain from making a mistake is a reminder that can be used as knowledge of what not to do so they do not make that misstep again. My children learn, and grow from their mistakes, as did Adam and Eve, as do we all. And God watches it all in His benevolent Glory.

What gets me is the mistakes I make over and over and over again. I am so hard hard-headed and hard-hearted. Thank God for Jesus and for Grace.

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