Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Brain Tumor Girl

I have taught many, many students. Some I have gotten closer to, others not so much. A few years back I had a student tell me in confidence that she was suffering a brain tumor and that she would be going directly into surgery the day after graduation. She was scared but confident that the doctors would be successful in removing the tumor.

The day after her high school graduation she went into surgery, and then spent the next 6 months in hospital rehabilitation. Actually it took the entire next school year before she was herself again. But she recovered well suffering only some hearing loss. She went to university the next year and began the process of becoming a teacher.

Then the tumor came back. The doctors were not able to get all of the mass, and it regrew. This past week she went back for a second major surgery. I just read her mom's email and the news is excellent. This time the doctors were able to not only remove the newer tumor, but cut off it's blood supply as well. They are all very positive.

The day we spoke of the impending first surgery I tried to offer wise advice, but I had none. I told her that I knew God would use this experience for his glory, and to trust Him. I'm sure that when the brain tumor girl got the news of the second tumor she was confused. Now we have to wait and see again how His glory is revealed; it will be.

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