Monday, June 8, 2009

Mother Bibo turns 67 today

My mother's story, and the event of her 67th birthday, is amazing. Less than a year after my dad passed away from Colon Cancer in 1999, Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, or plasma cell cancer. When she was diagnosed her back was already in such bad shape that she required a metal rod to be implanted in order to stand upright. I was with her when the doctor (Dad's doctor) told her she had 12 to 18 months to live. Having just survived my father's cancer journey (he lived 10 weeks beyond his diagnosis), Mom was devastated, again. But instead of giving up, she gave it to God. The pastors of our church came and laid hands in prayer, she moved nearby a local, and very famous, hospital whose cancer treatments would be aggressive, and followed every instruction her Oncologist gave her. Although Mom was concerned about her future, she had the confidence of knowing that she was saved, and that the worst thing that could happen was that she got to meet Jesus face-to-face. If you did not know that my mom had a terminal illness, you wouldn't know it from seeing her on her birthday. Happy birthday Mom, I wish you many, many more.


  1. May your Mom be with you for a few more years. Happy birthday to her as well.

  2. Thank you Penny. Having survived to this point, I think she's got a great shot of living a very long time indeed.