Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oak Glen

I like to go for a "challenging" bicycle ride on Saturday mornings. Every few Saturdays I ride from my friends home in Yucaipa up to Oak Glen. We climb about 2500 feet in 10 miles: grueling. But the decent is a blast reaching speeds up to 40mph (on a bicycle).
The ride was great. Before we left I found out about a friend's neighbor who crashed on a rock Wednesday night and broke his neck just like Christopher Reeve's injury. He's in the hospital now, and has already been operated on once. No one who was there know's exactly what happened since he was at the back of the pack. Cycling is suppose to be fun, but we have to be very, very careful indeed.

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  1. Oh that is just terrible. Hopefully he has family nearby to help him in this time of uncertainty.