Sunday, May 24, 2009

His Excellency

His Excellency: George Washington is the next book on my George Washington biography list for the summer. Its written by Joseph J. Ellis who also wrote Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation which I am planning on reading next. I'm not sure what my interest is with the founding fathers, Washington specifically, is right now. I suppose it's got something to do with wanting to study greatness in more detail. I am inspired by these men and what they did for our country, and for me.

What I like so far about this bio is the way Ellis writes sharing his passion for the subject: Washington. Ellis is excited about the stories, and it reads through in his writing. The last Washington bio I read was more of a "reader's digest" drive-by. His Excellency goes into greater detail which is good since I haven't taken an American history class in many years.


  1. Okay I've read your teachers blog and now this blog and I honestly think you are a history teacher in hiding:).

  2. Actually that would be Master Bibo's future. My son is the history nut.

  3. My favorite school trip that I went on was the one I took to Washington DC. While we were there we visited George Washington's home. I sat on a rocking chair outside of his house, overlooking the Potomac River.

    That was almost as cool as walking up the back stairway, with my hand on the rail that he made, looking into his bedroom, the bedroom where he died, and getting to hear about which men were on that stairway the night that he died.


  4. I have yet to make the trip. I've been to New York twice, but both times before I turned 18. I need to figure out a family trip before Sam graduates in 2011.