Thursday, July 29, 2010


There is no doubt that making transitions is not just difficult in the classroom, but even more difficult in real life. We are in the last hours of a house purchase that has taken 3 years. The seconds tick away like hours; the hours like weeks. Whereas we should be excited about the changes, my wife, the kids, and I are simply stressed out. Good things are happening, but our anticipation of the happenings is wrecking us. So hard to submit when we're so close to the close. But in a few days, God willing, we will be moving and all the current pressure will be replaced by new pressures. God has blessed us in amazing ways through this process. He has provided for us financially, and given us the time we have required to make this transition appropriately for our family. I want so badly to grab control now and cross the finish line with MY foot on the gas pedal. Relax. Deep cleansing breaths. Ahh....

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