Thursday, August 20, 2009


Things are very good right now. So good that I am slightly concerned about what happens next, but let's not spoil the moment. I'm sitting in the kitchen of our new house. This is the best spot for the computer, same as the last house. I haven't written much this summer because I haven't had many moments like this to collect my thoughts. But I'm up early this morning before school, and I'm not out riding my bike, so here's what's on my mind.

God is faithful, especially when we are not. He proves himself true to the righteous over and over again. My family and I moving into this house, at this place, in this time feels very much like a reward for our patience, obedience, and an answer to our prayers. God provides and his provision in more than sufficient, if we will allow him to work in our lives, and get out of his way. My maturing adult life is not just a testimony, but actual evidence of God's grace, and a working relationship with the father, son and holy spirit.

Righteousness is rewarded. (Here is a link that explains righteousness very well.) Following Jesus means doing the best we can to be righteous, not self-righteous, in all things. Not easy to do, and without grace, impossible. I can not just tell you but also show you the rewards for righteous in my life. And I am more than thankful for a savior willing to die for my sins and give me the opportunity to experience a life in relationship with him, filled every day with the power of the holy spirit.

I've read two books focused on Islam this summer. Muslims are successful and their numbers are growing partly because they take their relationship with God very seriously, and live out their faith in obvious ways for all to see. We Christians need to live out our faith in obvious ways and not hide our lights under a bushel, LET IT SHINE!

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