Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009-2010 Day 1

And away they go...

Today starts my 15th year as a contract teacher (not including the subbing and student teaching years.) I am at the same time the least and most prepared for the first day of teaching ever. I spent very little time this summer prepping. However, I'm getting to that point in my teaching career where I've worked out many of the wrinkles, so really the only unknown factor is the new students, and they are fairly predictable.

My first day I usually take role REALLY slowly, share a little about me, and then review my curriculum paper. I may change that up a bit today. We'll see how I'm feeling, and what the terrain looks like. Some teachers will tell you not to smile until Thanksgiving. Right. The students absorb the teacher's enthusiasm from the moment the first bell rings. I will smile ALOT today (hey, I'm employed!!!)


  1. It's good to know that a day will come when summer will not be so full of worry and prep for the year ahead. Even more importantly, it's great to hear that you're more concerned with how the students respond to you and that you know a smile will mean more and get you further than scare tactics any day. Good luck! :)

  2. wow you start early. We used to until the law changed a few years ago.

    Enjoy your first day and all the smiles that come with it.

  3. I agree. My first day is the 24th, and I plan on doing quite a bit of smiling.