Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heart Issues

Three weeks ago I had a bout of high blood pressure. It's down now. I got tested and everything looks fine. My cholesterol is 184. I'm not sure why my blood pressure shot up so high. I've recently lost 20 pounds and I am exercising regularly. I actually feel really, really good.

But I have a friend who is not so lucky. Not only does he suffer from Muscular Dystrophy, he is also diabetic, AND he is currently recovering from Thyroid cancer. This week he had a minor heart attack. I visited him in the hospital yesterday. He's in good spirits.

We talked about the meaning and purpose of his ailments; if there is any meaning and purpose to his ailments. He understands how God has used his ability to overcome his disabilities to help inspire others. But I have to wonder aloud; really God? Really? I pray for mercy.

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