Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My favorite genre to read is historical fiction, and my favorite author without a doubt is Wilbur Smith. I picked up my first Wilbur Smith novel while in Hawaii on vacation in 1996. Since then I've read most of his books, enjoying nearly every one. Assegai was released this year and is a follow up to Triumph of the Sun published a few years ago. Smith writes a few different series of novels all taking place in Africa. Last year's book, Warlock, was from the Egyptian series, and by far my least favorite of his novels. However, Assegai returns to the Courtney's of Africa and is a thrilling and fun adventure of a book. The story is filled with interesting characters, big game hunting, and events surrounding the start up to WW1 in Africa. These are "man" books where men are full of courage, determination, and usually armed with really big guns to shoot elephant, lions, or whatever gets in their way. I loved the book and would recommend anyone interested in a fun and informative read give it a try.

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  1. You might want to try Jack Whyte. He does a very historical outlook about King Arthur. He also has a Templar Knight series that I have heard good things about but have not read.